You Can’t Buy Happiness, But You Can Buy Fabric and That’s Pretty Close

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furniture shopping in high point nc

Textiles are all around us and an integral part of our very existence. The process began in the Middle Ages and grew in popularity during the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. Since then, a wide variety of materials have been produced. From silk and satin, to damask and linen, fabric adds so much to a room. It creates a feel, is a part of history and is never to be overlooked when designing or decorating a space.

First Things First As You Shop For Upholstered Pieces - Let Your Practical Needs Lead

Consider how you live and who will use the piece, as this will help guide you on the type of material to choose. If you have kids or pets, or you’re a red-wine-lover, you want to look for pieces with easy care like a faux suede, slipcover, or distressed leather so you don’t have to worry about the occasional scuff or scratch. Stay away from delicate or textured options like silk, which could pull and aren’t as forgiving when it comes to stains. Blends of natural and synthetic fibers offer a strong and more durable fabric, providing greater resistance to fading and wrinkles. Performance fabrics are great for busy households as they can withstand spills and heavy use. These fabrics are usually treated with a solution that provides durability or constructed of stain resistant fibers. Revolution fabrics would also be great as they are stain, water and bacteria resistant. These fabrics are durable, resist fading, wick away moisture, will not fuzz or pill, but are still soft to the touch.

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If Children And Pets Aren't A Concern - Flaunt Your Freedom

While linen is very durable in lighter colors, it doesn’t offer the level of stain resistance that a kid-friendly household might need and may not have a crisp, wrinkle free look after a lot of lounging. If you’re worried about upkeep or cost, you can always use these luxe fabrics on pillows, which can be swapped out once they’ve seen better days or a new trend comes along. Keep in mind, no matter the durability of your chosen fabric, it is still important to maintain it regularly with a monthly vacuum. This will help remove dirt that would otherwise rub into the fabric over time. Check the manufacturer’s care instructions to get the most wear out of your fabric. If in doubt, call a professional upholstery cleaner.

Beauty Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

Decisions, decisions, decisions – when it comes to upholstery, the endless amount of choices can make picking the right fabric quite daunting. An important factor to take into consideration when choosing the right fabric is the shape of the furniture. If you’re upholstering a curvaceous piece, stick to solid-colored fabrics. Patterns or textures with a distinctive direction may not upholster well. The size of the furniture is something you need to consider as well. With large pieces like a sofa, you’ll want to stick with a rich solid color or classic neutral so you don’t tire of it over time. A large piece like that is an investment and prints tend to be trend-driven. Although the bold print might look awesome now, there’s a good chance it will feel dated in a few years, whereas solids are always timeless. Plus, there is always the option of accenting your sofa with a mix of pillows in fun prints or patterns to give it some personality. 

furniture shopping in high point nc
Leisure Fabrics - furniture shopping in high point nc

What You See, Isn't Always What You Get

The easiest way to be sure you’ll like an upholstery material on a certain frame, and like how it feels when you sit on it, is by going with something you see in person. Lucky for you, we have more than 100 furniture stores and outlets for you to find exactly what you love. If you are planning to make your furniture look new by reupholstering it, we have plenty of fabric stores offering a variety of selections. 1502 Fabrics is one of the largest fabric outlet stores in the country with 40,000 square feet of decorator fabric at discounted prices. Leisure Fabrics is one of the best kept secrets around and an absolute treasure trove with great high-end fabrics all for $5 per yard. Carolyn Fabrics is a third-generation owned business and Luxury Fabrics allows you to shop designer fabrics for a fraction of their suggested retail pricing.  If you are looking to start fresh with new furniture, Furnitureland South has a design center where inspiration truly comes to life. The Design Center offers the technology you’ll need to complete a project, including thousands of fabric and finish samples, hundred of catalogs and plenty of comfortable workspaces.

At High Point Furniture Sales, you can create your own furniture. When browsing specific brands, you will have the option to customize the style, body fabric, pillow fabric, your welt and finish. Priba Furniture gives you this option as well, and both of these furniture stores have a design center that allows you to use the same tools as professional interior designers to plan your room. Create accurate room layouts of any shape or size, and quickly and easily design doors, windows and other structural elements. Visualize furniture placement, map conversational areas, arrange rugs and determine focal points without the hassle of pushing a sofa or carrying an accent table.

With so many options to choose from, let us help in narrowing your search. Use our complimentary concierge service to create a customized furniture shopping experience just for you!

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