Top 10 of the Coolest Things You May Not Realize About the HPCVB

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  1. We are the only marketing organization for High Point as a tourism and convention destination and focuses on the critical task of bringing visitors in times other than the Furniture Market. We promote our city through our website, social media, collateral marketing materials, a statewide presence at tourism events and trade shows, an aggressive sales effort, and extensive networking and community involvement in events and civic organizations and serve as the liaison between the State of North Carolina and the local hospitality industry.
  2. We solicit specific business event bookings via trade shows, sales calls and other networking opportunities that brought over 50 groups making more than a $30 million dollar economic impact on High Point just this past year alone. Things brings important consumer spending during non Furniture Market times that is so critical to our economy.
  3. We generate year-round occupancy for High Point hotels through the booking of meetings and conventions. Just this past year the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau is directly responsible for filling more than 15,000 rooms in High Point alone with even more overflow booked elsewhere in Guilford County and the region during non furniture market times.
  4. We work closely with meeting planners to enhance their experience in High Point and provided services such as registration, transportation, event planning and more for events that generated over 40,000 visitors with an economic impact of over $30 million.
  5. HPCVB Arts and Tourism Grants support area attractions and events, awarding nearly $4 million in 558 grants in 29 years. In 2012-2013, we awarded $199,000 in grants, which is 15% of our total budget. Arts & Tourism Grants are used to promote, improve, construct or enhance facilities or attractions that increase the development of tourism in High Point.
  6. HPCVB ServSafe and Preferred Food and Beverage Programs support area hospitality industry partners. These programs help food service providers raise sanitation levels to at least 95 to insure the food served to our visitors is the highest quality. More than 50 High Point restaurants have gone through our program.
  7. HPCVB Seminars educate area hospitality industry partners through our VIP (Very Informed Person) Awareness Tours and customer service seminars. By providing these free services to hotel staff, restaurant employees, and anyone servicing visitors, the High Point CVB helps to educate those serving our visitors. From a tourism stand point, we directly enhance the visitor’s stay and overall experience in our city.
  8. The High Point CVB acts as a data center to determine economic impact and return on investment generated by tourism in the High Point Community through the international hospitality industry’s recognized ultimate authority DMAI (Destination Marketing Association International. DMAI is the calculator we use to determine economic impact.
  9. As High Point’s only full-service Visitors Information Center, we serve as the first point of contact to visitors coming to the area to shop for furniture or for information in general. According to the world’s largest furniture store located right here in High Point, Furnitureland South, our marketing efforts helped to bring over 40,000 visitors into their showroom alone just this last year. We provide visitor maps and a nicely published free furniture buyers guide that shows visitors where to shop in more than 70 other showrooms and stores that are open year-round in High Point. These guides are given to visitors at our welcome center and are in every other state welcome center in NC. More than $150 million is spent on retail furniture in High Point year round making an economic impact of at least $1 billion annually to our economy. It is critical for us to continue to ramp up efforts to market High Point as a year-round destination to buy home furnishings.
  10. In 1984 hotel/motel operators in Guilford County asked to self-impose an occupancy tax on the fees they charge for visitors each time they book a room. Their reason was this “self-assessed” tax would be used for the sole purpose of funding a marketing organization whose mission would be to attract visitors putting “heads in beds” specifically in times between Furniture Market (since rooms are already full then). The High Point CVB was then created by state legislation as a non-profit 501 that was set up to operate independently of, but cooperatively with, local government and is governed by a 12 member board of directors who oversee the staff of seven and a President/CEO. We do not receive any funds from City, County or State government and will operate solely on the $1.4M projected occupancy tax that will be collected by motel operators in Guilford County in the upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1st. No local taxpayer funds have ever been used to operate your CVB and there are no plans that they ever will.

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