Relax And Unwind…You’re On Patio Time

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Spring is here, and it’s time to be outside enjoying the weather in your own luxurious outdoor space. Not only will it increase your property’s value and make your neighbors pine over your sprawling estate, but it also goes beyond that. Surprisingly, a high-quality outdoor area can boost your overall quality of life by improving your health and creating new memories you’ll cherish for many years to come.

When it comes to your outdoor space, there are elements you can include to imporve your well-being even more. Adding distinctive elements to your landscape and hardscape design is a key part of transforming your yard into your personal idea of paradise. Among the many possibilities, yard fountains, garden fountains, waterfalls and similar outdoor water features are a great investment for yourself, your family and your home value. Not only is the gentle sound of running water highly therapeutic and great for reducing stress and anxiety – but like bird feeders and birdbaths, water features attract birds to your yard to liven it up with more fluttering color and song. To add more ambiance to your outdoor entertainment space that will make you feel closer to nature and further from the hectic modern world, head over to Metropolitan Galleries or International Manufacturers Showroom

Take your best backyard ideas to a sizzling new level with the outdoor kitchen of your dreams! Cooking and eating a meal outside is a lovely, good-weather activity – you’re preparing the best grilling recipes with the tastiest summer drinks in hand as you enjoy the views. If you love entertaining and cooking, an outdoor kitchen makes perfect sense. No longer will you have to go in and out of your house to serve food and drinks. With a luxurious outdoor kitchen, you can seamlessly entertain your guests without missing a beat. Shop Ashley Interiors By Braxton Culler for the Big Green Egg, a versatile cooking device capable of acting as a grill, oven or smoker. For larger grills or full outdoor kitchen options check out Amish Trading Post and Casual Furniture World

Bring warmth and long-lasting memories to your backyard with a fire pit. Throw an outdoor evening party with your close friends and family and let it be the main attraction, lighting up the yard and keeping the bugs away. It’s a fantastic place to spend time with your grandkids as you make s’mores and enjoy hours of great conversation. While fire pits make an excellent addition to your backyard, they can get messy and while there’s nothing more comforting to the soul than the crackling of a wood-burning fire pit, there’s nothing more convenient than a gas fire pit. Furnitureland South and Casual Furniture World have both to satisfy your outdoor heating preference. For other luxurious options, consider adding a stylish fire pit table to your outdoor space. The maintenance is minimal, and it’s completely safe around children and pets. For these fire pit options, shop High Point Furniture Sales, Transit Damaged Freight or International Manufacturers Showroom so you can spend more time in Mother Nature’s sounds and turn the night into a stargazing extravaganza!

Not to throw shade, but umbrellas are pretty cool and one of the more popular accessories to outdoor furniture. Like a hat and a good dose of sunscreen, quality patio umbrellas can act as a barrier between your skin and the harmful rays of the sun. This quick and ingenious fix allows you to extend your indoor living area to the outdoors. Whether it may be for some enjoyable personal time while reading a book, or to bond with friends and family over small conversations while enjoying casual lunches or dinners, a patio umbrella provides the perfect spot to relax, entertain and dine within the confines of your backyard while getting the maximum protection that you need from harsh weather elements. With all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials for patio umbrellas you will find a wide array of choices available at 
Priba Furniture, Transit Damaged Freight, High Point Furniture Sales or Casual Furniture World.

Do you have an outdoor patio that is all but unusable after a certain point because of a lack of light? Butler Lighting can help make your outdoor space just as accessible and safe as any of the other rooms in your home! While all lighting should look great and provide the light to make any given room look good, exterior lighting has an especially tough job to do. It has to make your home look amazing and offer the safety and security you need to be comfortable. While this can be a difficult balance to strike, Butler Lighting knows how to make your outdoor lighting work in every way it needs to. With a combination of security lights and other types of fixtures (hanging lights, landscape lighting, post lights and sconces) the delicate balance of visual appeal and safety can be achieved. Head over to Butler Lighting where their lighting experts can help you figure out the best approach for making your home both safe and inviting to your family, friends and neighbors!

When it comes to designing your patio or deck, there’s really no right or wrong way to do it. What you include in your outdoor space depends on your interests and lifestyle. Think about how you would like your outdoor space to function. Do you want it to serve as a dining area on warm summer nights? Do you plan to host your next dinner party or your child’s birthday party in the space? Or do you envision a peaceful reading nook tucked into your outdoor room? Whether you want a place to relax, cook, eat, socialize or exercise, a high-quality outdoor space can help you create new experiences and memories that’ll no doubt improve your quality of life. To see all options that fit your outdoor patio needs, visit our website and select outdoor furniture as your category to help narrow down the 100+ stores
 in High Point and the surrounding area!

furniture shopping in High Point, North Carolina

Reserve the bulk of your outside hours for enjoying your living space as opposed to maintaining the furniture. Search for easy-care patio furniture to minimize the need for upkeep. Most metal, teak, cedar, and all-weather wicker pieces are unfazed by whatever nature throws their way. With a bit of regular cleaning, furniture made using these forgiving materials will look wonderful for years. You can also accessorize patio furniture with outdoor cushions and pillows with removable covers that can be easily tossed in the washing machine.

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