North Carolina Craft Beer Month

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What does craft beer mean to you? For many enthusiasts, craft beer is a wholistic endeavor for those who wish to enjoy not only the flavor, but all facets of the experience. But what is craft beer, who drinks it, and where do you get it? We’ve broken down all these questions and more to give you all the resources you’ll need so you can embark on your own journey of discovering your personal craft beer experience.

Who exactly drinks craft beer? An extensive study was executed by researcher Chris Cavanaugh with Magellan Strategy Group and Dr. Carol Kline of Appalachian State University in 2016 to answer just that. The study surveyed from a pool of over 2,300 craft beer enthusiasts, men composing 59% and women making up the other 41%, with ages ranging mainly from 20’s to early 40’s. These patrons are just now starting their families, with at least 1/3 surveyed having one child. Around 65% are married and almost half surveyed considered to be moderately to very liberal. Over 95% of the surveyors have visited a craft brewery and will actively seek them out when traveling. In fact, 31% said they usually seek out destinations that have craft breweries. They tend to seek local cuisines, healthy choices, and like to buy local from small businesses. They drink craft beer more than five times a month and a majority own pets, particularly dogs who they like to take with them on their beer excursions. Some good news on that front is that North Carolina Representative Jon Hardister is currently making active steps in changing the legislature allowing taprooms to become more pet-friendly.

What sets craft beer apart from regular beer? A craft brewery (sometimes called a microbrewery) is a brewery that produces amounts of beer typically much smaller than large-scale corporate breweries and is independently owned. Such breweries are generally characterized by their emphasis on quality, flavor and brewing technique. In other words, a craft beer has more heart and care put into the making of it for a completely unique and special experience with each and every batch.

Where do you go to get such an incredible brew? Well, according to the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, North Carolina has over 300 breweries and brewpubs statewide. Here at the High Point CVB, we’ve compiled a list of nine of our favorite spots to enjoy craft beer right here within our city limits!

Brown Truck Brewery

Let’s start at an establishment that makes High Point proud: Brown Truck Brewery. With a casual, comfortable atmosphere ideal for patrons looking to enjoy one another’s company, Brown Truck is a perfect place for all your craft beer desires. If their cushioned patio and cornhole boards aren’t enough to catch your attention, perhaps the acclaim from winning multiple awards from the Great American Beer Festival (including Very Small Brewing Company Brewer of the Year) will. Oh, and yet another plus for Brown Truck is that they are 100% dog-friendly!

Next, we’ll continue down Main Street to The Brewer’s Kettle. A purveyor of fine beer, the Brewer’s Kettle is a place where you’ll receive top-notch products and excellent customer service from staff knowledgeable on all things beer. While the Brewer’s Kettle is not a brewery, they are sure to have all your favorite North Carolina craft brews from near and far. Additionally, the Brewer’s Kettle offers selections of wine and cigars for a sophisticated and extra special customer experience. For a similar atmosphere of class and culture, Real Kitchen & Market and the Real Bar resides on Lexington Ave. In addition to providing a varied selection of craft beer and wine, Real Kitchen & Market also serves delicious gourmet food to pair with your brew! Another possibility for the connoisseur who values possibilities is Potent Potables. A short distance away in Jamestown, Potent Potables stocks over 600 unique beer options for retail that are sure to satisfy every variety of tastes and preference.

Back on Main Street we have Blue Rock Pizza and Tap. With options of 40 taps on-site paired with a dazzling selection of unusual and delicious pizzas, Blue Rock is sure to stand out as soon as you’ve taken your seat. For a similar atmosphere of good food, good beer, and a good time, the excitement continues (especially on game day) at Tipsy’z Tavern and Grille. Tipsy’z prides themselves on delivering the highest quality food, drink, and dessert, the perfect recipe for craft beer satisfaction.

Continuing along NC Highway 68, you’ll encounter another local craft beer favorite: Goofy Foot Taproom and Brewery. Undeniably, Goofy Foot’s name is a major draw for intrigue’s sake, but once you taste the homebrewer-turned-taproom-owner’s brews, you’ll stop questioning the name and start knocking back beer. Goofy Foot is also celebrating North Carolina Craft Beer Month in April by hosting three separate tap takeovers from local breweries in North Carolina. Here’s the dates and brews to look forward to:

Friday, April 5 – Wiseman Brewing (Winston-Salem) tap takeover

Friday, April 19 – Mother Earth Brewing (Kinston) tap takeover

Friday, April 26 – New Sarum Brewing (Salisbury) tap takeover

Conveniently in the same complex, another craft beer option is Small Batch (previously known as Burger Batch). Small Batch offers mouthwatering burgers, snacks, and sandwiches that will top off your brew better than its foam. A new establishment that also serves authentic NC craft beer located just around the corner in Archdale is The Hops Vault. With a variety of craft brews on tap as well as a more common selection of bottles and cans, the Hops Vault is definitely worth a stop.

As you can see, no brewery, taproom, tavern, or bar is quite the same in taste or in style. Craft beer is an even more unique experience, different for every person who tries it. So why not discover your personal craft beer experience here in High Point? Visit the High Point CVB at 1634 N Main St #102, High Point, NC 27262 or visit the website to dive deeper into all things beer right here in High Point North Carolina!

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