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a close up of beer taps at a restaurant in high point nc

Craft beers are more than just funky flavors and unique names, they encapsulate a wholistic experience that beer enthusiasts want to have at each brewery stop. With a small-town feel, High Point represents great flavors and even better company. Wine, spirits or beer – there is a drink for everyone in High Point. 

noun: a brewery producing less than 15,000 barrels per year and usually concentrating on exotic or high quality beer. 

Goofy Foot Taproom & Brewery is a micro-brewery and taproom that not only brews their own beer but also support and serves local beers from around the state, region and nation in northern High Point! The name originates from the term used in board sports to describe a rider’s stance. If you are ‘goofy footed’, like the owner, you have your right foot forward. Just as goofy as their name, they want customers to embrace their differences, drink right and remember wrong foot, right beer!

craft beer growlers in High Point, North Carolina

Burgers & Brews, What S’more Do You Need? 

Small Batch brews hand crafted beers, in-house daily that pairs perfectly with their uniquely flavored burgers and side dishes. Their mission is to provide the most ultimate indulgent food and drinks that tempt your carefree side to ‘just go for it.’ Their legendary milkshakes are larger than life and are perfect for the kiddos. With flavors like peanut butter brownie batter or s’mores, be ready to say goodbye to your self-control for an experience you and your taste buds won’t forget. 

“Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and I’m home bound.” 

A stop that is right around the corner from Truist Stadium, home of the High Point Rockers, is Plank Street Tavern. Where good times and good friends meet, this is a fantastic place to unwind. Whether you are in the mood for beer, wine or spirits – Plank Street offers it all, but is known as a beer bar. With a wide selection of beers from the state and nation on tap or by the bottle, Plank Street Tavern upholds a friendly atmosphere and welcoming environment for all to come enjoy a beer and relax. 

Plank Street tavern - restaurants in high point nc

“In dog beers, I’ve only had one.”

Brown Truck Brewery is a brewery for all walks of life. With indoor and outdoor seating, live music, a dog friendly environment and local food trucks weekly, Brown Truck is a perfect stop for you, your party and your dog! They brew and serve their own nationally recognized beers all while creating an atmosphere where people you normally would not see together, gathering to chat around the firepit and enjoy a glass of beer, wine or cider! 

“Beer is made with barley & hops. Those are plants. Therefore, beer is salad.”

Paddled South Brewing Company, High Point’s newest microbrewery, is creating a homegrown feel through what once was a hobby, turned into a hometown business between friends. Many of their beers are bourbon barrel aged and their three-barrell brewing system allows them to rapidly rotate multiple beer styles along with the traditional IPA’s, Pale Ales, Pilsners, Wheats, Porters and Stouts. Gather with friends and family alike and get paddled! Enjoy craft beers, local food trucks and community events right in the heart of downtown. 

Paddled South Brewing Company - restaurants in high point nc


noun: a person who sells or deals in particular goods. 

For a stop on your way out of town, The Brewer’s Kettle has over 400 beers and 200 wine options to explore! As a bottle shop for wines, beers and cigars, Brewer’s Kettle features microbeers from all over the nation. Whether you are stopping in to pick up craft beers to take home or order what is on tap, there is indoor and outdoor seating that will make you feel like you are stopping over at a friend’s house for a good beer and a conversation!

Brew • Enjoy • Empty • Repeat

In the neighboring city of Jamestown, Potent Potables is a shop and taproom with endless options of wine and beer! With over 600 beers to tantalize every tastebud, a wine-dispensing machine, and a unique collection of other beverages ranging from ciders to honey wine mead to kombucha, and gourmet prepackaged food items, Potent Potables is the place for all your imbibing needs. The indoor and outdoor seating will have you feeling like you are at your neighbor’s house for a drink at the end of the day. With board games and decks of cards, there is more to enjoy than just chatting your friends or the locals! 

“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer.”

Red Oak Brewery, Lager Haus & BierGarten in Whitsett, North Carolina celebrates the history and heritage of traditional Bavarian style lagers. 30 minutes outside of High Point, you will be able to experience and taste the unfiltered and unpasturized Bavarian lagers. To get the full experience, tour their brewing facility to learn how they create lagers with rich flavor and a mellow taste or hang out in their traditional biergarten environment while sipping on a beer with friends and family. Their beers are only distributed in North Carolina, so this is a must stop for any beer enthusiast!

Don’t forget to check out the Instagram and Facebook pages of the breweries, shops and bars from above to get the most up-to-date information about events and what is on tap. And remember, take a pitcher, it will last longer! Use #drinkhp and #visithp to share your cheers of beers with everyone!

draft beer in High Point, North Carolina
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