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The arts and the High Point Theatre are an important policy asset and prosperity generator for High Point. When our theater and other arts organizations are sufficiently supported, they become successful venues and programs.

That’s why, the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau supports the High Point Theatre in three ways:

  1. As an important venue for events packaged to sell High Point as a destination.
  2. Financially, through ongoing marketing and sales efforts, as well as the Arts & Tourism grant program.
  3. As an advocate for the theater’s essential existence in support of the performing arts in High Point.

The reward is an inherently increased value to the quality of life in this community, making it a more desirable place to be because of the rich and diverse cultural and artistic options offered. It makes our city a more interesting place to live and therefore a more interesting place for others to move to and visit.

The arts also offer a distinctive blend of other benefits:

  • ECONOMIC BENEFITS: The arts in our neighboring cities are flourishing and have become strong. The venues and programming are creating jobs, attracting amenities, and producing sustainable year-round consumer spending and tax revenue. The arts have proven to be an essential economic asset that has stimulated business activity, attracted tourism revenue, retained a high quality workforce and stabilized property values in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Durham, Asheville, and so on. The arts have been shown to be a successful and sustainable strategy for revitalization of these downtown areas and vastly improved inner cities and core city areas struggling with poverty. The same is possible for High Point.
  • EDUCATIONAL ASSETS: The arts in High Point foster young imaginations and facilitate children’s improved success in school through performances and other visual arts. Art – whether it is theater, music, dance, paintings, or other art forms, stimulates the critical thinking, communications and innovation skills that are essential for the creation of a productive and creative 21st-century workforce in High Point.
  • CIVIC CATALYSTS: The arts create a welcoming sense of place and a desirable quality of life in High Point. The arts also support a strong sense of community, engaging our citizens in civic discourse, dramatizing important issues and encouraging collective problem solving.
  • CULTURAL LEGACIES: The arts preserve our city’s unique culture and heritage, passing on our city’s precious character and traditions along to future generations.

And finally, the arts in High Point bring immeasurable intangible benefits. Our theater and the arts in High Point are readily accessible and available to all. The arts programs help make cultural opportunities truly accessible to a broad spectrum of people. They enhance the lives of those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to travel to another city to enjoy a performance or experience another type of art. The arts help create a community soul and develop a real sense of place. All these things in combination result in a better, more livable High Point.

The High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau sees the theater as an important part of implementing our core mission – to promote and encourage economic development in High Point through travel and tourism.

Please join the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau in support of a very vibrant arts program and successful performing and visual arts venues in our city.

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