High Point Market vs. Retail Furniture Shopping

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The High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau gets a lot of inquiries from the general public about being able to get into the High Point Market. Callers will say, “Someone told me to come to the furniture market because it offers really good deals on furniture.”
Well, I would love to meet that “someone” because while High Point does host the High Point Market twice a year, and the market is, in fact, the largest home furnishings show in the nation, it is a wholesale home furnishings show open only to the trade. It is not open to the general public.

So then, who goes to this massive tradeshow? Retail store buyers, architects, interior designers, people who are in the furniture industry trade. The only way the average consumer can attend is if they are accompanied by an interior designer or someone in the industry.
Another popular question is “How long are the After Market Sales going to take place?” High Point furniture showrooms do not offer any type of sales to the general public. They sell their displays to retail furniture stores. Occasionally one or two smaller showrooms open their doors to the public, but do not plan your furniture shopping trip around that idea because there is no schedule or guarantee that any showrooms will open their doors to the public.

There also seems to be a perception that all the retail furniture stores have a big aftermarket sale as well. This also is false information. The stores do not all get together and plan a big sale. They do, however, offer sales throughout the year, which brings me to what is available to the general public.

High Point is known as the Home Furnishings Capital of the World™ and for good reason. In addition to hosting the largest wholesale home furnishings show in the nation, High Point is home to more than 40 retail furniture stores and outlets, including the largest furniture store in the world, Furnitureland South. These stores offer a variety of furniture, from contemporary to modern to traditional to mission to Victorian – all styles that are easily accessible. Visitors should plan to spend several days in High Point so there is plenty of time to explore all the furniture options. It’s always a great idea to call the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau for a free furniture shopping packet, which includes a furniture shopping guide with a map and brief descriptions on what each store carries.

The High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau offers a complete listing of the furniture stores on their website. If you are spending the night, it is recommended that when making your hotel reservation, visitors should ask if the hotel offers a furniture shopping discount. There are also a variety of companies that can help you plan your visit; working with you to see what type of furniture you are looking for and can offer access into some showrooms that are otherwise not accessible to the public.

We always encourage everyone to contact the High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau if there are any questions. We are here to make your visit enjoyable and productive so that you will come again and make yourself at home each time you return.

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