High Point CVB 30th Anniversary – A Pearl of Wisdom

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On Saturday, September 7, 2013 the High Point Conventions and Visitors Bureau celebrated its 30 year anniversary. But this celebration is about much more than just the HPCVB. We certainly have good reason to be proud in acknowledging our past but perhaps an even better cause for celebration is the potential of the future of High Point and the opportunity we, and the other organizations in this city, have to come together and make High Point the very best it can be.

A 30-year anniversary is known as the pearl anniversary. How appropriate. A pearl takes years to form naturally. Its beauty is discovered when the shell is finally opened and then skillfully crafted to be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

Our “pearl” is our story and our brand. Its beauty is realized when we share our vision with everyone within this community and beyond.  Its beauty is appreciated and enjoyed only when we take the leadership and action needed to realize our vision.

Positive change is ahead for us, beginning with our move to the Chamber of Commerce building. The new location in Uptowne will help us to better serve visitors coming to the city. It will also be a natural fit for other opportunities located within the Chamber of Commerce building. The new visitors’ information center we have planned will be impressive. Our aim is nothing less than to “wow” visitors when they enter, and compel them to want to experience the best of what we have to offer in the ‘Furniture Capital the World’. Our goal is to enhance their overall visitor experience and make the new visitors’ center the most awesome of its kind in the state.

With the plan our friends at The City Project are working towards, coupled with the forthcoming recommendations of the study the CVB and the High Point Partners have going, I am confident we will have all that we need to join together in creating a unified vision, an overarching strategy, and a plan of action that can lead to creating a vibrant and beautiful epicenter gateway in Uptowne and direct much needed consumer traffic into other areas of the city including Washington Street, SoSi, Southwest, North High Point, the High Point University area, and elsewhere. Then, we will transform High Point into an exciting year round destination. Simply put, we will begin taking action, not just talk, in making High Point the best it can be.

High Point is at the center of the Triad. I know that all of you will agree, it is an awesome place to be. It is not only time for High Point to take a leadership role as a regional hub, but to also take full advantage of the opportunities that are presented to us. It is time to take action and work as a team to get things done. So here’s to High Point, as we celebrate our past and move forward into the future. Our best days are yet to come.

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