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In the past decade or so, soccer has surpassed baseball and football to become the top youth sport in America, primarily because it appeals to girls as well as boys. About 270 million people around the world play soccer. In the U.S., you can find a soccer field in just about every town, because an estimated 24 million Americans of all ages play the sport, according to the U.S. Soccer Federation.

In 2014, the U.S. Youth Soccer Association estimates there were more than three million registered soccer players between the ages of five and 19, which is a nine percent increase over the past year. And, soccer is now the most popular sport for college women, experiencing a nearly 200 percent growth rate in the past 25 years.

With soccer’s rapid growth, cities and towns across the country have had to create fields to satisfy the needs of the soccer community. That means that there are some outstanding facilities across the U.S. that can accommodate soccer tournaments of all sizes, for players of all ages.

Here in High Point, North Carolina, there are seven soccer facilities that cater to tournaments and events, for a total of 27 full-size fields, many that are lighted. The largest facility, the multisport High Point Athletic Complex, has eight lighted regulation fields with restrooms and locker rooms for each team.

The popular Phillips Park Soccer Complex is located close to the Athletic Complex, with eight fields, and it also offers restrooms and concessions. The West End Park has three soccer fields, as does the YMCA, while other park and recreation facilities in High Point have more fields available for any additional tournament needs. When it comes to tournaments, all the facilities are easily accessible to one another, which is helpful.

High Point has accommodated soccer events with as many as 128 teams. For example, the city hosted the U.S. Club Soccer National Finals last year. That tournament brought in 10,000 attendees to the city, which hopes to host it again this year. Also, every year in August, High Point hosts the Piedmont Soccer Alliance Championship, called the Furniture City Classic, which brings in 8,000 attendees.

Most people know High Point is a furniture shopping mecca, but there are plenty of other things to do while visiting for soccer tournaments, including fishing, hiking, biking, a butterfly farm and even ziplining. There are many different activities here that can keep parents and families occupied and entertained when not on the field.

We are lucky to have a strong partnership with the local Parks and Recreation Department. The knowledgeable staff works closely with us to help cater to these youth sports programs. At the High Point CVB, we take pride in the services we offer, especially for youth sports groups.
Call us at 336-884-5255 to find out more information or to book your next soccer tournament here in High Point.

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