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North Carolina is known as a beautiful state with a great deal to offer but you may be surprised at just how many people visit or travel within the Tar Heel state. The numbers tell the real story.

  • North Carolina ranks sixth in total person-trip volume behind California, Florida, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • In 2012, domestic travelers spent $19.4 billion across the state, which was a 5% increase from the previous year and a record high visitor spending figure.
    Domestic tourism expenditures directly supported 193,610 jobs for North Carolina residents, up 3% from 2011.
  • The tourism industry contributed $4.4 billion to the state’s payroll in 2012. Traveler spending generated more than $2.9 billion in tax receipts.
    Sources: TNS Travels America, 2013

High Point can be counted among the many unique and memorable cities that North Carolina has to offer. As the marketing organization which promotes High Point as a tourism and meeting destination, the High Point CVB promotes our city through partnerships to a broader audience and by participating in co-op advertising opportunities.
As the sixth most visited state, a strong partnership with the state Division of Tourism, Film, and Sports Development is essential to the success of making High Point a highly visited tourism destination. We partner with the division on many levels, including utilizing Visit NC.

The division offers all tourism industry partners free publicity through the official state website, which reached a record 3.78 million visitors last year. This is a great opportunity for all. The High Point Convention and Visitors Bureau makes sure that all its tourism partners are promoted on the site. Participating has created an opportunity for the High Point CVB to better track those that are seeking information for the area, offering visitors the option to download a Visitor & Dining guide and view some images which help to better promote the High Point area. We hope to incorporate a video within the next year to pique additional interest.
And, while digital marketing is thriving, many people still prefer printed information, such as the furniture shopping guides, Southern Living and Our State Magazine. Other publications like Sports Events and Small Market Meetings focus on bringing meetings and sporting events to the area.

The North Carolina Travel Guide often is the first resource a person uses when deciding on whether or not to visit North Carolina and specifically High Point. The printed and online publication is filled with articles and images that tell the story of why North Carolina is a great place to visit. Check it out here.

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